A Handful of Clay In The Potter’s Hand


Have you ever thought that your life was lost without purpose? Do you believe that your present circumstance define your future? As a rebellious young man, Ipe Mathai appeared to be on the path to nowhere. From a small town in rural Kerala, India, he rejected his family and became a homeless runaway. He joined the multitude of people living on the streets of India. What kind of future could there be for him?
A great one….. once he obeyed God’s call. Through many divinely appointed moments, God took a rebellious, lost, young man, who was searching for an identity, and led him to a place of spiritual and personal fulfillment.
A Handful of Clay in the Potter’s Hand shows that no failures, no sickness, no fear, no setback, and no person can block the flow of God’s blessing… if you are a willing vessel. It is a personal story that shows a new life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


One of the most common admissions of the highly successful is that they surround themselves with great people. Half of that equation is that they avoid dumb people. Dumb ideas lead to dumb actions, and that results in danger.

Tune in to your local news and there is no shortage of people doing dumb things that were probably preventable had someone just paid attention to what these people say.

Maybe the new saying is, “Beware! As a man thinks and says dumb things, sooner or later he will do dumb things.”


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