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Bishop Varghese L. Mathai is the Founder & President of Gospel Light Mission International. Has been a Christian Worker and Writer for sixty years. He holds earned Doctoral Degrees Magna Cum Laude & Summa Cum Laude. New Heavens and The New Earth is Dr. Mathai’s fifth published Book.

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The New Heavens and The New Earth is a Book of Destiny — A 21st Century Christian Classic! A Book for Every Family for the Next One Hundred Years–and More!
It tells the Story of the Universe from the Beginningless Beginning to the Endless Eternity.
Among Other Things, it speaks of Your Latest and Best Real Estate! Earth — God’s Favorite Planet. Heaven on Earth. Earth’s Cosmic Ages. An Address Change for Everyone — For the Best or for the Worst. Creation Vs Evolution–The Lie Evolution- Banging the Big Bang!
Planets, Stars and Solar Systems; Planet X, Asteroids & Meteoroids.
Scores of rare pictures!
It speaks of the Children of Angels, Signs in the Heavens and Signs the Churches. The Evil Triumvirate-Witchcrafts of Religion. Moral Clift! America’s Abortion Holocaust, Roe Vs Wade and Do Bolton. Meeting the Aborted in Heaven, and Animals in plenty.
Heaven on Earth. Veliskovski, Clarence Larkin & Mathai Sir. Ma Aphrem, Mar Cyril & Mar Thoma. Saint Francis and Pastor Cook Baptist called Pentecost. Universes, Multiverses and Miss Universes.
Part 1 for Students, Part 2 for Scholars and Part 3 for Saints–And All Parts for All People. Real People go and live in a Real Heaven-For Ever and for Ever! Your Destiny is Your Choice!! And this Book will Help!!!

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